Sunshiny Fun In San Diego

Well, I guess we've been having so much fun in San Diego the blog has fallen to the wayside. Actually, I know we've been having fun because for the first three months we were here we had friends and family visiting us every other week! That sure makes time go by fast and doesn't allow too much time for tipee-typing on the ol' keyboard.

We've done a billion and a half things! It's going to be hard to only give the Reader's Digest version. San Diego is one of our favorite cities. I sat on the beach and cried my eyes out the morning we left the last time. The weather is always perfect. Even during dreary 'May gray' and 'June gloom' the temps are still superb even if the sun's not shining. There are more than 150 breweries in the San Diego area, not including all the wineries and distilleries. They even make high ABV kombucha here! Ha! I'm gonna have to get my hands on that before we leave. Don't even get me started on the food. The …

Gearing Up To Go!

Y'all. Arizona has exceeded all of our expectations. We have found a [winter] desert oasis and we're so sad to leave! But also, it got up to 98 degrees last week sans Nick Lachey and it was NOT CUTE. Cue frantic packing and purging. Just kidding, we don't purge anymore. We just keep everything and I'm pretty sure our RV is leaning. Like, While -You - Were - Sleeping - Joe - Junior style. If you don't get the reference do yourself a favor and just watch it. It's Sandra Bullock's best work and you're not living your best life if you haven't seen it. Also, it's streaming, so no excuses.

We've been squeezing out every last little bit that the Phoenix area has to offer. Except Tombstone and Saguaro National Park-we missed those-regretfully so. I'm sure we'll be back to visit [in the wintertime] sometime soon.

Sand Storm in Phoenix! You can usually see blue skies and mountains behind the cityscape.
Dinner views in Sedona
Cairns for days on…

Oh. Em. Gee.

Hot diggity dang, y'all! I'm so excited I can't wait another minute to share! This morning I had a phone interview for my next assignment and knew before I got off the phone that I got the job. I am more than happy to announce that we're headed back to San Diego for my next contract! I loved San Diego so much that I actually cried, right there on the beach on our last day there. I love all the people I met there, I love the unit, and I love, Love, LOVE all of its beautiful beaches. I'm counting down the seconds till we leave our lovely little desert spot and head for the lush green mountains of Sahn Diahgo.

I have so many amazing memories. It's hard to believe it's been over 4 years since we left.

We're coming back So Cal!! (Maybe on the way there I'll magically lose 50 pounds and gain the ability to run 13.1 miles...we'll see...I'll let y'all know how it goes. It's a 6 hour drive after all. Haha!) We'll be stopping at Joshua Tre…

Livin' That Desert Life

Well, hey party people! I was so worried about not sleeping that I couldn't sleep! So here we are! I decided to make 2:23am productive -- welcome my blog post about Phoenix (and the surrounding areas).

Initially, I thought Phoenix would just be a dry, flat desert with the occasional tumbleweed, but I was  wrong! This city is beautiful with mountains in, and surrounding, the city. There are trees galore...not really grass...but tons of trees and cacti. Fun Fact: palm trees, which are all over Phoenix are not native to the area (makes sense when you think about it, they seem like they belong, ha!). They are seriously ev-ry-where-uh. There's art all over the place too! We've visited the Heard Museum which displays Native American art and we went to many galleries in Scottsdale. Most recently we visited the Art Museum at Arizona State and enjoyed a couple of exhibits of Mexican art. We've LOVED it here! We have 6 weeks left and intend to fill it with more art and adventure…